Anniversary Celebrations

Celebrate an anniversary on Ibiza with a renewal of vows proposal, a tear jerking speech or a themed party in your honour!

 Photo by Dario Sanz Photography

Photo by Dario Sanz Photography


An anniversary is a wonderful occasion to celebrate with friends and family to congratulate a couple on the time and moments they have shared together. 

A special anniversary is also the perfect opportunity to propose a renewal of vows. 

How can I help you celebrate your anniversary on Ibiza?

I can write speeches, act as toast master, and host fun events (such as the package option below). I am open to your plans and ideas to create something personal and meaningful for you, however you wish to do it. 


Anniversary Ceremony Package -

 'Mr and Mrs' theme Anniversary Party! 

The events can be organised by friends & family or by the couple themselves. Interviews will be done via Skype and email to find out as much as possible about the celebrating couple, and questions can be asked to friends and family members to put together and present a fun, entertaining party that is enjoyable for everyone present!