Special Ceremony Additions That Symbolise Your Commitment


Every couple has their own style and ideas for their wedding ceremony, whether you want a traditional script, or something funny, light, romantic, family orientated, themed, or a mixture of them all, anything is possible when you choose a professional celebrant to write and perform your ceremony for you. 


As well as the ceremony script itself, other elements can be added into the ceremony to further enhance it, to make it unique, entertaining, to reflect your beliefs and personalities, or to incorporate others into the ceremony.  

Poems, readings and quotes are a great way to express the way you feel in words (see my previous blog post for ideas on modern poetry). They also give you the opportunity to quote your favourite author, poet, someone you admire, or a poignant line from a song or film that means something to you. But aside from expressing yourself in words, showing and acting out a metaphor of your commitment is a great way to make your wedding day, vow renewal, commitment or baby naming ceremony truly memorable. All of these elements also give you a wonderful keepsake of your ceremony which you can take away with you. 

A quick search on Pinterest or Google will give you plenty of ideas of special ceremony additions, below are some examples and short descriptions below of some of my favourite ones.

For more information on these or any others, I would be happy to talk to you about the different ways they can be presented, the wording and suitability to your venue. Please contact me and I will help to arrange something perfect for you!


Unity ceremonies

Unity ceremonies can be done in many different ways, popular choices are with sand, water, wine, salt, candle and seeds. Despite the differences between each choice, the overall meaning is the same - the couple (and also family members if you would like them involved) each have a cup/vase/etc of their chosen theme, each person empties their own into a central container, where they become united. Once they are all together, it is impossible to separate them back to their original way, much like the commitment of marriage. 

Personal note: A water unity is a great choice for a hot outdoor ceremony, mixing two colourful flavoured waters, i.e. a strawberry water and a cucumber water. Each flavour represents a relationship trait, and they come together to create a perfect balance of these traits. 
...Or maybe you want to choose your favourite drink - For example, a rose spritzer, one person pours the wine and the other pours the lemonade. Two things that are great on their own, one strong, one sweet, become something wonderful when put together - just like the couple! ;)


Memorial candle

A memorial candle is a lovely way to remember someone who is no longer with us, to keep them in your mind on your special day and feel their presence with you. The candle can be displayed in a vase, with the name/s of the person you are remembering on the outside, and a poem or photos. 


Family canvas

For arty couples, or families who want to involve their children in their ceremony, by making a stencil onto a canvas or each person simply pouring different coloured paints down a blank canvas, you create a piece of art with a special meaning to hang pride of place.


Children's ceremony

Making special commitment vows to the child/ren involved in the marriage that you will love them and support them makes sure that they are involved in the commitment you are making. Giving a special gift to the child/ren involved such as a personalised ring, necklace, or watch, is a great way to create a special moment for them, and a token of your love that they will keep with them forever.


Rose ceremony

As with all of the ceremony elements listed, this can be done in many ways. The most commonly used is for the couple to exchange two red roses, symbolising the giving and receiving of their love for each other throughout their married life. Giving a rose represents romance but also forgiveness, and symbolises the way the couple will overcome difficult times together. 

Alternatively, the parents of the couple can hand the roses to the couple instead of 'giving them away', or as a congratulations on their married life ahead before they walk the aisle as newlyweds.


Flower blessing

A flower blessing creates a beautiful and emotive gift for you to take home, with members of friends and family handing a flower to the couple with their personal wishes to the couple for their married lives. Each flower is added to a jar (or a bouquet or other chosen arrangement) and dried, so that you can take home a pretty jar full of blessings, given to you by your loved ones. 



Handfasting is a traditional Celtic ritual, which is now very commonly used in all types of weddings because of the great symbolism, wording and presentation.

It can be done with one or many cords, designed with your chosen colours or theme in mind, each colour representing an element of their relationship. The couple holds hands and the cords can be draped over the hands by family members or the celebrant, and the poem Blessing of the Hands by Rev. Daniel L. Harris is read. The cords are tied together around the hands and when the hands are released, the couple is left with a knot which is unbreakable, like their own bond and commitment. 


Tying the knot

Cords are tied together by the couple in a knot, each colour with a different meaning. The knot that is tied is the fisherman’s knot - a true lovers knot - as it is the strongest there is; with pressure it becomes stronger, and its bond will not break. 


If you do research these you will find that there are many more ideas and variations, and I would love to be involved in helping you to create one in the way which suits you best. 


Thank you for reading, and happy planning!! 


Danielle X 


Danielle Balmer

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