Beautiful Rituals For Baby Naming Ceremonies

Baby naming ceremony on a beach

Baby Naming Ceremonies are a wonderful way to introduce your new baby to your social circle, and to give your promises and commitment to your child.

There are many different elements that you can introduce into your ceremony to make it unique, personal, meaningful, and symbolic of the love and dedication that goes into raising your child. 

(To find out more about what Baby Naming Ceremonies are, and why you should have one, click here.)


Symbolic Rituals

There are so many lovely options when it comes to symbolic rituals, and when used in a baby naming ceremony they are sooo cute and really meaningful. You can include lots of members of your friends and family too, which they will love being a part of.

I have listed a few ideas below, with a short description of each. I recommend looking each of them up on Pinterest for lots of alternative ways to perform them. You can create your own versions of any of the below too by integrating your personal interests, hobbies, beliefs, or make up an entirely brand new one!

They can all be tailor-made for you so that they are personal and relevant, and each has their own meaningful wording which makes them incredibly symbolic.

For detailed descriptions, or examples of the wording involved for each, please get in touch with me directly and I will be very happy to tell you more.

Plant a tree

Tree planting ceremony

Plants represent new life, and they need nourishment, dedication, attention, care, and words of encouragement to help them flourish and reach their full potential - representing all of the skills and values that go into bringing up your little one.

You and your partner, or members of your family and friends, can plant a tree together (or flower, cactus or greenery of your choice), which will grow as your child does.

Kids love to get their hands dirty too, so let them help you! It will be something you are all proud of in years to come. 

A Jar Full of Wishes

Baby naming wish jar

Gather wishes for your child from your loved ones, in a jar, box, travel case or something which can be displayed and kept for many years. 

Have a pen and pre-made cards laid out for your guests to fill in on arrival, or even during the ceremony. They can make their personal wishes for your child, their future, their happiness and success, and you can open these whenever you choose, maybe read one per night to your child at bedtime. 

Time Capsule

Time capsule box for baby naming ceremony

Exactly what it says on the tin - or box, or jar, or whatever you decide to use... 

Time capsules don't have to be buried, of course, they are simply a treasure trove of gifts, memories, notes, wishes and predictions, which you possess but must not open until a specific date!

It could be the day your child finishes secondary/high school, their 18th or 21st birthday (the majority of my visitors are from the UK and USA btw), the day they move out of home... or any other meaningful date in the future for you.

Not only will it be a special moment for them, to see all of the things that their family and friends wrote or gave to them, but for you too, to finally see all of the precious things that your loved ones gifted your child with all those years ago.

Family Artwork

Family artwork for a baby naming ceremony

A group painting, a fingerprint tree, or painted hands and feet are all lovely ways to include other siblings or children in your extended family, relatives and friends, in a really fun way, and it makes a wonderful keepsake to remind you of the special day, and all of the important people in your childs life.

Sand Unity

Sand Unity Ceremony for a baby naming ceremony

A sand unity ceremony is a very popular ritual to perform in wedding ceremonies (especially here on Ibiza). The words involved in the ceremony whilst you are pouring the sand from individual vases into one shared one is incredibly symbolic of the commitment involved in a wedding ceremony.

This can be equally symbolic and meaningful during a baby naming ceremony when performed by the parents, or the family of each parent. And it doesn't only have to be two people involved, you could have 4 vases, 7, 10 - however many people you want involved. 

By pouring sand into a central vase which will be kept by the child's guardians, each adult is giving their dedication to be involved in the child's upbringing and can give their promises or wishes for the child as they pour their sand into the baby's vase. 

In the end, you are left with a beautiful vase, made up by the most important people in your baby's life. 

Candle Unity

Baby naming ceremony candle unity

A candle unity ceremony is a ritual which symbolises the blending of two families, and the importance of each of them in terms of raising your child. 

Each family brings with them different heritages, history, stories, experiences, values and morals. Members from each side can light a candle, which is used to light another candle that will be held by the parents. The parents then use their flames to light the central candle, which represents the child. 

The idea is that the history and values from each family are passed on to the new parents, for them pass on to their child in turn.


There are so many more options for naming ceremonies, and I would love to hear your ideas, experience or feedback on the ones mentioned or any others. Please feel free to comment, or get in touch with me directly for more information and to talk about baby naming ceremonies and these rituals in more detail.


All images used are from Pinterest