Photoshoot with Ibiza Photographer/Unicorn Babe, Jennifer Arndt

One Sunday in February, Jen and I wandered around her gorgeous countryside garden just as the sun was setting.

I have been conscious that my website is lacking photos of myself, which is quite an important factor in the service that I provide!

So between throwing rocks in puddles with her youngest son and chasing after their very cute, mischevious puppy, we had a relaxed, fun photo shoot. 

Danielle Alex, Celebrant on Ibiza, Photography by Jennifer Arndt

When I'm with a group of friends or my boyfriend, I think I am actually quite good at posing for the camera - I know which side of my face I prefer, I put my hand on my hip or around someone's waist, bend a knee, angle my head, - the classic stance! - I can do this quickly and easily, it's fail-safe. 

But when I'm ALONE, I'm so embarrassed.

I don't know what on earth to do with my face, where to look, should I look happy or thoughtful or keep it neutral (which is an impossible mission for me, I am always smiling, it's a blessing and a curse), and that's just my expression!

What do I do with the rest of my body? What is most flattering? How should I move? When should I breathe?! 


I am sure that many people experience the same feeling, however, Jen made it so easy and fun. 
At first, I was very self-aware, but she was so funny and energetic, and gave me really clear, simple directions and instructions to follow in order to get the best shots. And I love how they turned out!


Although I shouldn't be surprised, I knew I would.

Danielle Alex, Celebrant on Ibiza. Photography by Jennifer Arndt

Jennifer Arndt is a well-known portrait and wedding photographer on Ibiza, and I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed that we get to work on a wedding together soon.

She is so enigmatic and fun to be around, as well as honest and down-to-earth, that being around her makes you feel totally at ease. She completely embraces everyone's individual styles and personalities, and is so warm and non-judgemental - which is exactly what you need in a photographer, especially if you're not confident with it, like me!

And by the way, the unicorn babe title is down to her stunning purple-blue hair colour, but it could just as well refer to her magical personality and talent.


If you would like more information, want to get in touch with Jennifer, and see her beautiful portrait and wedding photo's, her website is


There are more to come, but for now, here are Jen's handpicked selection of photos of me from our garden photography session. 

Please feel free to let me know in the comments which are your favourites, I'm finding it hard to decide which ones to use!