Photoshoot on Talamanca Beach, Ibiza, by Sofia Gomez Fonzo

After months of post poning due to cloudy days, winter holidaying and the threat of rain, last Tuesday, Sofia and I finally managed to meet up for a photo shoot that we had been discussing for almost a year!

On the day, strong winds threatened to call it off completely, or just totally ruin the gorgeous hairstyle that I'd just had pinned into place.

We had planned to meet at Cala Llonga beach, as it has lots of space and on a Tuesday morning, before the summer season has kicked off, it would be fairly empty aside from the odd dog walker. But Sofia arrived and couldn't even open her car door due to the gale force pushing it back at her.

So, we met at Talamanca beach and we were blessed with a picture-perfect scene.

Literally, picture perfect.


I'd told Sofia the colours that I wanted to capture in the images (simply put, I love BLUE), and the results are so much more dreamy than I ever could have wished for. 

My previous Instagram bio listed a whole list of things I love the most, such as my boyf, my dog, pizza and sparkly sea.... Well, sparkly sea, CHECK!

Sofia has such a lovely, relaxed energy, and at the same time, so focused on her subject, the surroundings and with an incredible eye for detail.


The pretty tables and chairs are from The Ibiza Chair Company.

My hair and makeup is by Marie Duchar Clark.

All photos are by Sofia Gomez Fonzo. Take a look at her website for lots of magical, beautiful wedding photography and island loveliness. 

Enjoy! And please feel free to let me know which are your favourite shots, I'm updating my directory profiles and website images so your choices will really help me. There are so many that I love that it will take my forever to make a decision!