An Announcement On My Availability For 2018 Wedding Ceremonies

Hi all! I have a quite a big announcement to make today…

After taking lots of bookings in the two weeks, and with lots of them being for 2018, I am now on my way to getting fully booked for this summer!


By that, I do not mean that I will be performing ceremonies every single day.

Although I hope to be even busier next year, which is looking to be inevitable, to perform ceremonies almost every day would be impossible to keep up with.

Wedding ceremonies (and baby naming ceremonies alike) are such special, magical and emotional events, and I want to be able to savour every single one and put my full heart and energy into each one.

Danielle Alex, Celebrant on Ibiza & Spain. Photo by Sofia Gomez Fonzo

I also want to know all of my couples and families as much as possible, I need to have time for writing beautiful, personal scripts, and be able to post blog articles and keep up with social media (that one is a near impossible feat, but I’m trying!).

I also want and need, to have flexible time so that I can arrange Skype calls or meetings with couples and families, meet other suppliers, see venues and other practical work.


Of course, self-care and balance is also key to a healthy mind and is necessary to do a job well, so I want to make sure I am able to see my friends, go on dates with my boyfriend and make sure my dog is walked and happy too (otherwise she tortures me with a gorgeous but seriously guilt-inducing stare!).


...And I haven’t even mentioned all the admin, the technical and the more boring parts of running a business alone!


The Written For You ceremonies involve a lot of writing time and some input from yourselves so that we can make your ceremony as personal and meaningful for you as possible, so I will only be able to take a few more of these bookings for this summer.

The Classic Ceremony package requires less time to put together, so if you are incredibly busy between now and your wedding day, or your booking is quite last minute, I recommend looking into this option.


So.. If you are still looking for a Celebrant to perform your wedding ceremony or baby naming ceremony in 2018, on Ibiza, Formentera or mainland Spain, please get in touch with me and I will reply asap to let you know my availability.

Danielle Alex, Celebrant on Ibiza and Spain. Photo by Sofia Gomez Fonzo.

Love to you all <3

Danielle X

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