Book Your Wedding Ceremony Safely & Easily via!

Up until recently, I was taking all payments for bookings through PayPal.

PayPal is a very safe way to transfer money and one of the most well-known payment systems in the world, so, it seemed to be the best option for me as I started out.

However, this method hasn’t been a particularly smooth or seamless way to go about things. Sometimes the link didn’t work properly, occasionally payments were declined after 1 week, I often received payments from a name that I didn’t recognise and had to sit and figure it out or ask around - the general messiness of it all didn’t sit well with me.

Sending my couples to a different website that doesn’t have my branding, my style, or provide me with nearly enough relevant information that I need just seemed crazy for my business. Also, it wasn't a simple and straightforward method for my customers either – so I have made a big change! Woohoo!

You can now book with me directly through my website, via Stripe!

Stripe is the payment method that is used by Squarespace (which is who I made my website with), the fact that Squarespace has chosen to partner up with them and make Stripe their default payment system means it is very trustworthy indeed. But, I still did my research, and across many blog posts, compared with PayPal, Stripe comes out on top!

So, once you have enquired through the Get In Touch page and have decided between the two package options that you will receive in my reply, I will send you the link to my booking page where you can safely and easily make your payments for your deposit and final payments.

The payment pages are within my website, they come with a simple form to fill in before making the payment so that I have the full names of you and your partner, the date of your ceremony and the venue/location. That way there is no confusion about who the money has come from, and it is extremely easy for me to keep track of payments from all of my couples.

On making the payment you will get an email from Stripe with the details of the transaction, and an email from me shortly after to confirm receipt of your payment and to confirm the booking for your selected date! Easy peasy!

If you have any questions for me about this new change, or anything else, or you want to make a booking or an enquiry, please feel free to comment below or send me a quick email, and I will reply to you asap! 😊


Much love, Danielle X