My Favourites - High Street Wedding Dresses

The Best High Street Wedding Dresses 

I have alwayyysss loved high street wedding dresses. I love the idea that you can get something pretty from your favourite store and wear it on your special day - and then again and again for different occasions. I like the idea of going out on a date or to a party and saying to people "this is the dress I wore to my wedding / this is my wedding dress / I got MARRIED in this!". I think that's so cool. 


So, here a few current lines that you can find on the high street or online right now. 

A word of warning before you begin: There are massive sales on at the moment and I saved so many dresses that I loved over the weekend - and they are now SOLD OUT, so I've had to edit all of these lists before posting! :( 

So, if you see a dress you love, I recommend snapping it up!



All completely gorge, and this is only a small selection of what they have on offer.  


H&M have some beautiful wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, and everything is insanely affordable.

Tip: Have a look at the shoes while you're there - it's the perfect one-stop shop!

Also, their suggestions at bottom of the each page, 'Style With' and 'Others Also Bought' are brilliant - you can get lost in a rabbit hole here. (Hence why this blog post is two days later than scheduled. I just had too many options. Ooops.)

H&M Sleeveless long dress £119.99

H&M+ Pleated dress in Dark Blue £49.99

H&M Long Lace Dress in Cream £79.99 (for in Light Blue for bridesmaids!)

H&M Lace dress £59.99

H&M Long Satin Dress - Also see Satin Maxi Dress which is very similar (or maybe even the same) and comes in Vintage Pink and Pigeon Blue, and omg, all of the colours are beautiful. £49.99

H&M Long Lace Dress £139.99

French Connection

These are very, very cute.


I'm not usually a princess-y, puffy dress kind of girl, but #1 has convinced me otherwise.

Needle and Thread

Yes okay, these are a little bit expensive than standard high-street stores, but still, they're on sale - making them still much cheaper than a designer number! I am crazy about the champagne coloured gown.

Marie Gown WAS £875.00 NOW £437.50

Pearlescent Gown WAS £1,100.00 NOW £550.00


If you have other online or high street stores that you rate which I haven't mentioned (there are a TON I know), please feel free to comment and let me know. 

I love to get inspiration for future blogs posts, Instagram stories and features, and it really helps if it comes in the form of window shopping (or shopping for real).