My Favourite Wedding Planning Podcasts ....& Other Ones I Love!




I discovered Podcasts for the first time just over a year ago (I was a bit late to the party), when I started listening to From The Heart - Conversations with Yoga Girl, after following her on Instagram for the last 8 years.

Then, when I started to educate myself on Marketing and Social Media for businesses last year, I turned to Podcasts to help me learn whilst I was out on dog walks, making sure that all the Buffy breaks I was taking didn’t effect my productivity. 

Now I listen to LOADS of Podcasts, wedding related, marketing, relationship advice, interviews with inspirational people and light, funny series too. I love them because you can listen while doing something else, like in the car or doing things around the house, and time is valuable, so I think they’re an especially good tool to assist you in your wedding planning.  


Here are my top 5 Podcasts to listen to if you are planning your big day -and then some more random ones for you to enjoy! 


#1 The BrideChilla Podcast


Probably THE biggest/most popular wedding related Podcast, and its success is extremely well deserved.

Hosted by an awesome Aussie called Aleisha McCormack – I. Love. Her. And I am 90% sure you will too. She is hilarious, I literally laugh out loud while I’m listening, to a WEDDING podcast, and that seems strange doesn’t it.

She speaks her mind, she knows lots of people in the wedding world and is very informed on the industry, and has a large Facebook group/community where she connects and listens to her followers and subscribers, to create the content based on what couples want to hear about.

She swears a lot and talks about wine/vodka soda’s quite often too, making her incredibly relatable.

(Aleisha, if somehow you read this, can we please be friends?)

I recommend listening to the episode from the 18th June 2018 – Rethinking Wedding Traditions. It’s laugh out loud funny, there are some real eye openers and it’s so intriguing to learn and re-think some of the most popular wedding traditions.

#2 Get Wed Podcast


Hosted by two British women Katie and Kerry – Two professional photographers and bride-to-be’s. The sound quality is not great, but personally it is very refreshing for me to listen to their English accents, because English podcasts feel very rare, and it feels as if I am talking to some old friends as I listen along to them chatting away about lots of wedding related ideas.

#3 The Wedding Planning Podcast – streamline + simplify


Hosted by Kara Lamerato, this is a great podcast to help you with your wedding planning – with easy to follow lists and instructions on things to think about during your planning, and to help with the execution on the day.

Tip: Get a pen and paper out before you press play because you’ll make lots of notes! 

#4 Put a ring on it ‘The Anti-boring wedding planning podcast’


Firstly, the name is more interesting than some of the others, which I think says a lot for the content. Hosted by two wedding-pro’s Daniel Moyer and Danielle Pasternak, they talk about wedding planning through stories, interviews, tips and practical advice. I really like their episode about the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle (because I like re-living it, remembering the moment when Harry lifter her veil and their cute glances at each other throughout the ceremony, the guest reactions… okay I can go on and on – Maybe I will write a blog on this one day as I never got around to it at the time - memories of the Royal Wedding, 6 months on.)

Anyway getting back to my point, this is easy to listen to as you are listening to them talk to each other, not talking directly at you and feeling as if you should be paying close attention as if you are in a lecture.

5# The Hotbed


This is not specifically wedding related, but it is still a very important one to have on the list. It͛s hosted by 3 women – Cherry Healy (normally seen on tv, as a presenter for documentary style series on the BBC), Anniki Sommerville and Lisa Williams. They talk about sex in long term relationships and after having children, and their slogan is “Making life better one orgasm at a time”.

Talking about sex and everything related to it can be especially difficult for women, as many things are just not spoken about out loud, even with friends (or, especially with friends) but hearing them do it makes you want to share too, which is very empowering, and VERY interesting. 


And... all the rest!

If you want to try out some Podcasts and don’t know where to start, these are some of my other favourites to listen to. Click on the links to find out more about each of them.


Women Work + Worth


Private Parts

A personal, funny series from Jamie Laing and Francis Boule of Made in Chelsea, where they talk about their lives and interview celebrities. Expect embarrassing, graphic, and true stories from the boys and their guests.


From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl 


Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness 

If you watch Queer Eye you’ll know Jonathan from here - he’s so entertaining, but more importantly he is so interested to learn new things, about people, cultural differences and beliefs, science, fashion and everything in between. It will give you answers to all the questions you never thought to ask (and ones you never have the balls to ask anyone). 


 Raw Milk – The Creative Business Podcast


The High Low


The Margherita Confessionals


As always, if you have any other suggestions for me, please comment below or send me a direct message. I hope you enjoy these Podcasts, and Happy Planning! X