6 Simple Steps to Prep Your Home or Villa for Your Wedding

Hi guys, this week I am very happy to introduce my first ever guest blogger Alice Robertson from Tidy Home!

On Ibiza there are hundreds of incredible villas that you can rent out for holidays and to celebrate your most important events in.

I adore villa weddings because of the freedom you have in regards to planning your event, and you can choose to organise it all yourself or ask a wedding planner to assist you, or to take complete control of making your vision come to life. 

 Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Having a wedding in your own home, or renting a house or a villa to celebrate your wedding day is such a wonderful idea, for so many more reasons. 

  • If you rent a property, you can often check in days before your wedding so that you can relax, unpack, and have everything prepared in time, without having to think about losing things in transit to your wedding venue or leaving something behind, and rushing around whilst carrying everything you need to the different locations.

  • You can invite your wedding party, family, even the dog to come and stay with you, so that you can all spend quality time together, and have them around for help and support in the lead up to your event.

  • Being able to host dinners or drinks pre or post-wedding celebrations is a lovely way to thank everyone for making the journey and being there to support you and your partner on your special day.

  • Most importantly - You have so much more freedom and being able to make yourself comfortable and feel at home definitely helps with the nerves and stress that can build up in the lead up to your wedding day, and then afterwards, you can relax and begin your honeymoon - without having to go anywhere!

An important aspect of planning your wedding at home or in a villa is making sure that it is clean and welcoming for all of the guests that you are opening your doors to. 

People still like to feel like they are arriving to an event, and by dressing it up and making it perfect for their arrival, it will help to build your excitement too! You're not just inviting them over on a Sunday afternoon for a cup of tea - you are hosting a party and a special occasion that you want people to remember for all of the right reasons. 

Alice Robertson is a pro when it comes to cleaning tips, so she has been kind enough to share this great article especially for this blog, on how to prepare your house or villa for your wedding day. 


Alice has some great tips for getting your home or villa ready for your big day, enjoy!

6 Simple, Affordable Steps to Prepping Your Home or Villa for Your Wedding:


When you are getting your home ready for your wedding, you need high-impact, low-cost changes that will help your guests feel comfortable without maxing out your budget. Thankfully, prepping your home can be a simple job if you follow these helpful, budget-friendly tips.


Deep Clean With Natural, Non-Toxic Cleaners 

Every home can use a good cleaning before guests begin to arrive.

Use a checklist to get your home looking spotless, or consider hiring professionals to complete a one-time cleaning.

As you are tidying up your home, make sure the cleaners you use do not contain toxins. Some of the most common household cleaners are made with ingredients that can irritate skin, eyes, and airways. So pick up natural cleaners to keep your guests safe and feeling healthy in your home.


Give Common Spaces Quick Updates

 Image from Becker International

Image from Becker International

If you will be using your home as a gathering space before events, you will want to concentrate your updates on the common areas in your home.

You can use simple decor to spruce up your rooms and even upcycle cheap furniture finds to provide additional seating and tables.

Floor pillows are also an attractive, cost-effective way to add seating to your home, and storing them is a snap.

Essential oils are a nice touch to help your home smell fresh and inviting. Use some welcoming essential oil recipes to keep the positive energy flowing in your home. 


Makeover Your Backyard

 Ceremony decoration organised by Your Ibiza Weddings & Events at for a villa wedding at Casa Agua, Ibiza

Ceremony decoration organised by Your Ibiza Weddings & Events at for a villa wedding at Casa Agua, Ibiza

Outdoors spaces are great areas to host guests, especially during mild spring and autumn months.

You can even consider having your wedding or reception right in your own backyard. It’s fairly simple to have a pergola or arbor built to add a romantic touch to your wedding celebrations. Professionally built trellises usually cost between €300 and €800 for materials and labour. Prefab models, however, are more affordable and range from €10 to €100.

Throw in some rented chairs, routine landscaping, and potted plants, and you have the perfect setting for some relaxed, but unforgettable, wedding celebrations.


 Stock Healthy Snacks in Your Pantry

Your house guests will need to eat while they are in your home. To save yourself the time and cost of constantly going out to eat, try to have your kitchen stocked with healthy options.

You can pick up simple snacks such as hummus, vegetables, and fruits for casual, small gatherings.

If you plan on preparing meals for multiple guests, try to find recipes you can make ahead to keep cooking stress low for you in the days leading up to your wedding.

Or, think about delivery options to keep your guests fed and happy in your home.


 Create Cozy Guest Rooms 

 Image from Becker International

Image from Becker International

If your guests will be spending the night, make sure your guestrooms are ready.

Supportive pillows and mattresses will help your friends and loved ones sleep more soundly and prevent pain from interfering with your wedding celebrations. Rollaway beds are also a compact, comfortable option when you need to accommodate more guests than usual.

Not enough guest rooms for your overnight wedding guests? There are still simple ways to make your company comfortable, even when the living room is the best you can offer.


Get Bathrooms and Prep Areas Ready

 Image from Better Homes and Gardens

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

In addition to guest rooms and spaces, you will also want to make sure your bathrooms are ready.

If you and your guests will be getting ready in your home, it may be a good idea to get some inexpensive full-length mirrors to place in other areas to keep bathroom use limited during busy times.

You should also have plenty of clean towels on hand, and think about picking up some basic toiletries for guests to use as well.

Having some extra toothbrushes, deodorants, and toothpaste will make getting ready easier for everyone. You can even stock up on travel-size items to keep on hand for wedding guests and for any future company in your home.


Your wedding should be a time of joy and happy memories in your life. Take some time to prep your home so you can keep your guests happy and keep yourself from being too stressed out.

If you enjoyed this article, or have any questions for Alice on her tips, or want to know more about wedding planners who can help you to find and organise a villa wedding on Ibiza, get in touch in the comments below or by getting in touch.

Thanks for reading, and happy planning! X


All images within this article are from Becker International, interior design company based in Germany, Ibiza and USA.

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