Chiara Ferragni and Fedez's Wedding Vows Will Make You Cry

If you follow me on Instagram already, you'll have seen my post a few days ago of Chiara Ferragni in her wedding rehearsal dress, and maybe you'll have seen one or two posts a few months ago of her and Fedez (real name Federico Leonardo Lucia) in one of my 'Couple Crush' posts. 

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez at their wedding rehearsal

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez at their wedding rehearsal

I have been following Chiara on Instagram for years now (for those of you who don't know who she is, she is an Italian fashion businessperson and influencer, last year she became CEO of her own company, The Blonde Salad. She an inspiration.) and along with the rest of the world, I've watched her relationship with Fedez, the Italian rapper, flourish before our eyes, like a modern-day fairytale.


Their relationship

A bit of a backstory for those who are not familiar with the couple - Chiara and Fedez met in 2016, after Fedez wrote her name into one of his songs.
They got in touch and began dating, and on Chiara's 31st birthday, Fedez proposed to her on stage at his concert with a song her wrote espeically for that moment (it was incredibly romantic).

They have since had a baby boy called Leone, or Leo for short, and they just had a HUGE wedding in Noto, Sicily.

I wanted to share with you the part of the day which, for me, is one of the most important, emotional and meaningful few moments of every wedding day,

The Vows.



These vows have been translated from Italian (not by me!) and I didn't want to mess around with them or reword them, so excuse any broken English please. 

Chiara's Vows to Fede

Chiara and Fedez married The Ferragnez Wedding

This is the impossible story. This is one of the sentences that hit me the most during our first dates. 

Me, a steady traveller and you, a prisoner of Milan. We seemed so different and incompatible. 

Every time I saw you laughing with me, I felt something very strong though, and I, instinctively, followed those feelings. 

Day after day, I learned to know different parts of you, to appreciate all the magic moments you were giving me. 

For the first time in my life, I got carried away by the flow of emotions, not thinking about the consequences. 

That first "I love you" arrived on the sofa in Los Angeles, and then the first fight, which seemed taken from a movie. 

It began to be impossible to separate us, to live with FaceTime between two different time zones.

For my birthday arrived the marriage proposal which made not only me dream, but anyone who believes in the love that I believe in. 

"I love love", do you remember? 

And then he arrived, at the beginning we called him edamame, who later turned into a little lion, to make us parents and to tie us forever. 

I remember when we were talking for the first time about wanting to have a baby together, going to the airport in New York and a year later we were crying with joy without being able to stop, after holding him close for the first time.

With this speech I want you to understand something - you are making my dreams come true, one after the other. 

I dreamed of a pure and absolute love, and you arrived. 

I dreamed of a strong bond and you taught me that, no matter how much I travel, you will always be my home. 

I dreamed of a family and you gave me Leo. 

You are my reference point, my heart, the future that I have always dreamed of. 

But above all, you are my soul mate. 

I promise I'll laugh with you whenever you're happy and I'll be your rock whenever you need support. 

I will always get excited to see your name show up on the phone, to hear about you, and I will never take for granted any moment together. 

I will always try to make you feel special and loved so that you can shine brighter every day. 

I promise you that in our relationship there will not be filters or secrets and that I will be your biggest partner. 

I will be ready to get excited whenever you'll sing a song that only I can listen to. 

I promise you we'll fall asleep hugging each night, together. 

But above all, I promise you that I will love you in a pure and proud way, because more than any other, you made me believe in the impossible.

I do not need the world to love me, I need one person to love me, and it's and will always be you. 

Fede's Vows to Chiara

Fedez and Chiara Wedding The Ferragnez

Who knows me, knows how much everything in my super personal vision of life revolves around cynicism and disenchantment, two perspectives which do not reconcile with concepts as destiny as the idea of a future already written, a future inexorably waiting for us. 

And in the course of my not so short existence, the events I lived haven't scratched these preconceptions, they have strengthened them, leading me to observe the reality with super-critical and sceptical eyes. 

Yet they say there is a moment in your life in which all certainties dissolve, and that moment comes for everyone. And you, before being the woman I love, you were the trigger. A black-out. 

Thinking that if, in 2016 summer, I hadn't written in a completely casual way a rhyme with your name, today we wouldn't be here, makes me smile and at the same time, it makes me shiver. 

A fortuity which seems to be the daughter of a film script more than a split of the real life. 

And in the few months of our relationship, we said to each other, joking, it would have been a great anecdote to tell our son when he would have asked how we met. 

And today we are the demonstration of what can be done to avoid throwing a really beautiful anecdote in the WC. 

And I like to think, that this absurd planet alignment in our reality made us feel legitimised, not to ask ourselves if we were running too much or if there was something to correct in the trajectory of our destiny, before taking a step too far. 

As if everything was written. 

I am certain we have and we'll always have many things to correct, but I also know we could have postponed everything to a more solid moment, more suitable, but we both know it would have ended like this anyway. 

Because you cannot change your destiny, you cannot fight the inevitable. 

Because there are moments in which you feel the destiny tightening around you like a hand around a doorknob. Then you can just let it come inside. 

It was also inevitable to tell you things about me none at this wedding knows, secrets I kept inside of me for years, secrets I already knew in the first months of our story, weren't meant to remain only mine. 

For years I fed on mistrust and resentment. A bitter plate I kept hot for you as well, serving it to you many times. 

Despite my self-destruction instinct tried in every possible way to find something wrong with you, with us, in the end, it had to surrender to the evidence of the facts. 

Some things simply happen and we did nothing but let the current carry us away. 

This was our path. A path to the destiny more than to a destination. 

We collected so many unforgettable moments, difficult to be lived in such a short period of time. 

The day out son was born, in the hug we gave each other there were all the serenity, the joy and despair two hearts can carry. 

But we also remember with a smile on our faces our quarrels, our fights, our misunderstandings. 

Because what matters in a relationship, maybe, is not how much you are compatible, but how you deal with your incompatibilities. 

Bukowski said that the human being has two great defects: the inability to arrive on time, and the inability to keep the promises. 

I can't guarantee I'll always be on time, but I promise that, even if I'm late, I'll always be there for you. 


Please tell me I am not the only one who cried at these?!

 I know, I cry at everything - but I honestly thought these were so gorgeous and special. 

Completely raw and emotional, full of details of how each of them has opened up and been able to believe in something that they weren't sure of before - and how their lives have changed because of loving each other. 


What do you think? What were your favourite lines?

Will you take inspiration from Chiara and Fedez and write your own vows?


Check my Instagram over the next few days to see my favourite parts! 

(And if you need help with writing your own vows, get in touch)


Love to you all xxxx


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