Photo Shoot with Ibiza Photographer Masha Kart

In 2018, Masha and I met through a mutual friend, wedding planner Serafima, from Serafina weddings & events.

Masha and I talked a lot about websites and blogging on our first meeting. She has a lot of amazing advice and insight on Ibiza weddings and photography, and I love writing, so, we teamed up and I’ve started to co-author some of her own blog posts (you can read them here, btw!).

Simultaneously, I was in the midst of giving my website a make over, so Masha and I set up a photo shoot to go alongside my sites new look.

We met up at the beginning of February in Marina Botafoch, on the east coast of Ibiza.

Marina Botafoch is located in between Talamanca beach and Ibiza town. It has incredible views of the old town and Dalt Vila from across the water (as you will see later!), as well as gardens, parks, restaurants and designer boutiques, and very obviously, lots of gorgeous boats docked in the marina.

Marina Botafoch

We took a stroll around the gardens with Buffy, and Masha told me to strike a pose and angled me with precision.

If you’ve read my previous blog posts re me having photo shoots, you’ll already know that I am NOT a natural at having my picture taken. But Masha made it so much easier. She gave me lots of compliments along the way, which helped me to feel confident and relaxed.


Black & white photography

Now, almost everyone I speak to loves black and white photography.

In theory I understand what’s to love, it looks classy and elegant, but for some reason I’m just not usually a fan. When compared side by side with a colour photo, 9 times out of 10 I will choose the colour.



I finally get it.

I LOVE these B&W shots!


I made a slight outfit change as the evening started to draw in, and I walked B a little more before heading to our final destination….


Cappuccino Grand Cafe

Nestled in between the gardens and parks, on the very front of the marina, is Cappuccino Grand Cafe.

It’s a place I frequent fairly often for meetings with couples, the occasional lunch, evening drinks with friends or a date night, because aside from the gorgeous food and cocktail menu, the view is so dreamy.

Masha and I took a table outside, ordered pots of mint tea and did a little bit of blog planning, while she snapped away at Buffy and I.

Isn’t it beautiful?!


Help me choose!

I can honestly say that I adore all of the photos. Which do you like the most? I’m finding it difficult to choose a new image for my About page!


Compliments & Thanks

Masha’s direction and way of working was so relaxing and comforting, and I think it really shines through in the photos.

I didn’t feel awkward, posey, stiff or contrived. We walked, talked, she complimented me, positioned me and angled me in ways she knew would be flattering, and then of course… she picked only the best ones! ;)

But really, I am so proud of them, I think I look great in them * and I literally want to show them to everyone I know (but I try not to, because I think that would be quite boring for them, so I’ll just post them on Instagram instead!).

Visit Masha’s website to see more of her gorgeous work, and to get in touch with her and book for your wedding day on Ibiza!

* Side-note: It really sucks that women are not supposed to say nice things about themselves, for the fear of being called out as vain.

There is absolutely nothing wrong - actually, it’s AMAZING - to accept a compliment, to say out loud “I like my body” “I did a good job today” “I deserve this” “I think I look pretty/beautiful/strong/sexy/great”.

Be proud of yourself, the person you are, the things you’ve achieved and yes, even the way that you look. I could write an entire essay on this, but I’m gonna leave it at this for now. Just please speak nicely about yourself because you deserve it, and our future generations deserve it.

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