Written For You Ceremony Package

Personal and Unique Wedding, Vow Renewal and Commitment Ceremonies

Photo by Gypsy Westwood Photography

Photo by Gypsy Westwood Photography

Ceremony details

A ceremony script lasting around 25-30 minutes, which is completely written for you from beginning to end.

This ceremony captures your unique story, personalities and relationship, setting the tone and making the heart of your wedding day personal and meaningful.

I will get to know you via a questionnaire and video calls and creates drafts of your ceremony for you to read over and check before agreeing on a final script.

Whether you want it to be romantic, funny, emotional, lighthearted or a mixture of it all, we will work together to create a ceremony which is perfect for you.

By contacting friends and family members I can get words and anecdotes about you and your relationship to help me develop a well rounded story, or to include as messages or quotes.

This process requires some input from you but results in a ceremony which is touching, entertaining and memorable for you and your guests.

You can sign a symbolic wedding certificate during the ceremony or after if you wish, as a keepsake of your ceremony date and location.

€700 + 21% VAT

Deposit €200 + VAT

Balance due 1 month before the ceremony date

Optional extras - Symbolic rituals & ceremony props

If you would like to use and keep props for your ceremony, or would like to involve symbolic rituals such as a sand or water unity ceremony, ring warming, hand fasting, wine and love letter box, or any other, these can be added for an extra fee. Ask about these for detailed information and options.


Please note

  • The wedding ceremonies I perform are classed as blessings and are not legally binding. To make it so, you will need to arrange this in your country of residence, which can be done either before or after your ceremony.

  • If your ceremony is not on Ibiza and travel is required (i.e. to Formentera, Mallorca, mainland Spain or anywhere in Europe), all travel and accommodation expenses are charged on top of the ceremony fee.