Real Wedding: Linda and Daniel's Wedding Ceremony at Hidden Ibiza


The Venue

I first visited Hidden Ibiza in 2014, when I visited the bar for a few cocktails with some friends to play a game a mini golf. I hadn’t been back since, but I always remembered it is a very special place, with nowhere else on the island like it.

Since then, this magical and unique location has changed ownership and has been adapted into a venue which opens exclusively for events, weddings and yoga classes.

It is located on one of my favourite beaches on the north of the island, Cala San Vicente, which boasts turquoise water all year round and is surrounded by lush, tree covered mountains on either side. When Linda and Dan contacted me and told me the venue they’d chosen, I was totally in awe of their amazing choice!

The venue is so pretty, quirky and relaxed - perfect for a fun, laid-back and social wedding celebration.

It’s garden is covered by large tree’s, giving it a natural leafy shade, there’s a giant chess board, mini golf, a ceremony area and a tree house which can be rented to sleep in!


The Ceremony Script

Linda and Daniel booked my Classic ceremony package, which is a pre-written script centred around love, commitment, supporting one another and appreciating all the joys of life together - especially the small moments and actions which play a huge part in a loving and happy relationship. <3

They customised the script with personal choices and wording, adding their own personality, emotions and values to it, making it extra special and memorable.


Linda’s father walked her down the aisle - and just look at the smiles on their faces as he shook Daniel’s hand…. they all look like they are about to burst with happiness!


We took a moment at the beginning of the ceremony to remember Daniel’s mum, Jennifer, and acknowledged her presence there on their wedding day, as she was there in the thoughts and hearts of Daniel, Linda, and their family and friends.

And we thanked all of their guests for making such a wonderful effort to be there with them, to share the special moments and of course, celebrate together!


The Reading


The reading that L&D chose for their ceremony couldn’t have been a more perfect fit.

It’s one of the readings from the ceremony content booklets that are included in my ceremony package and it’s quite niche, but I put it in the book because I love the metaphors within it, and I like to give my couples plenty of variety to choose from so that they can find something that suits them.

As individuals and as a couple they are adventurous and active, which I found on on my very first Skype call with them. They love exploring the great outdoors and going for long bike rides together - they actually met at a 24-hour mountain bike endurance event!

You’ll see why this is relevant in just a moment…

The poem is called A Marriage Made For Two, and they asked Dan’s sister Laura to read it for them during the ceremony.


A Marriage Made For Two

 A successful marriage can learn a lot from bicycle riding.

You should promise each other that you will not be fair weather riders, but venture out together in the wind and the rain.

Only by braving the storms as a team will you reap the rewards when the sunshine arrives.


Look after each other. A well-oiled bike will run smoothly and change gear easily.

Marriage is like a tandem…keep pedalling or the one at the front shouts at you!

You should promise each other to not only enjoy new adventures and explorations, but appreciate the same old routes you know and love.


Marriage is a promise to each other to endure the climbs so that you may chase the swoops and swerves of perfect single track.


The journey may be long and may have hills ahead, but if you climb together with love and passion, you will be able to achieve everything you both desire!


Wishing you all the best from the start line of the greatest endurance event of your lives.

Good luck and may each lap be a great adventure.

….See, I told you it was perfect for them!


The Sand Unity Ritual

Dan and Linda chose a sand unity ritual to symbolise their union.

On the central vase I wrote their names, the date and location. The vase containing the blended sand was given to them at the end of the ceremony along with a printed copy of their script for them to take home - giving them a physical representation and reminder of their wedding day on Ibiza, and a piece of the island to cherish too!


The Vows

During the planning process of their ceremony Linda told me they would like vows with a more modern and upbeat twist on the traditionally styled and worded vows. They sent me an example of ones that they liked from Pinterest, and I sent them back some original vows that I’d written, which they then chose from and adapted for themselves.

They repeated each line after me, in traditional style (which is a great way to read out vows if you are not a fan of public speaking, or think you will be nervous), and each began by addressing the other with their full name.

Daniel / Linda,

Thank you for loving me,

And making me the happiest

and proudest I have ever been,

I promise to make you smile every day,

To support, respect and appreciate you,

To have many more adventures together,

And make memories that will last a lifetime,

I promise to love you, forever.


The Ring Exchange

Two ring bearers were given the honour of presenting Linda and Dan with their wedding bands.

The first was Dan’s friend Pete, who made his way to the front row with rings, where he passed them to Linda’s very cute little nephew, who did a wonderful job of delivering the bands to the bride and groom.


Here’s my absolute favourite photo of the ceremony….


Pure happiness.


To finish off the ceremony the very happy couple kissed, signed a custom symbolic wedding certificate underneath a very impressive cactus, and walked out hand-in-hand surrounded by all of their guests, to live music by Ian McDonald.


The Celebrations!

After the ceremony everyone headed to the bar and garden area where they could congratulate L&D, drink, mingle, hug, eat, listen to the gorgeous sounds of the live guitar and singing, before heading off for a walk on the beach for a photo shoot.


Did someone say “squad goals”?


Congratulations, Dan and Linda!

What a gorgeous, joyful day. It was such an privilege to be a part of it. Xxx


The Music

And a HUGE shoutout to the suppliers who made their day so special:

Photographer: Tamas Kooning Lansbergen

Band: Ian MacDonald

Venue: Hidden Ibiza

Catering: TBC

Florist: TBC

Dress: TBC

Hair and Make Up: TBC

Suits: TBC

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Book Your Wedding Ceremony Safely & Easily via!

Book Your Wedding Ceremony Safely & Easily via!

Up until recently, I was taking all payments for bookings through PayPal. However, this method hasn’t been a particularly smooth or seamless way to go about things.

Sending my couples to a different website that doesn’t have my branding, my style, or provide me with nearly enough relevant information that I need is crazy for my business and also not a simple and straightforward method for my customers either – so I have made a big change! Woohoo!

You can now book with me directly through my website, via Stripe.

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An Announcement On My Availability For 2018 Wedding Ceremonies

An Announcement On My Availability For 2018 Wedding Ceremonies

Hi all! I have a quite a big announcement to make…

After taking lots of bookings in the last week, all for this upcoming summer, 2018, I am now on my way to getting totally booked up.

So.. If you are still looking for a Celebrant to perform your wedding ceremony or baby naming ceremony in 2018, on Ibiza, Formentera or mainland Spain, please get in touch with me and I will reply asap to let you know my availability.

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Photoshoot on Talamanca Beach, Ibiza, by Sofia Gomez Fonzo

Photoshoot on Talamanca Beach, Ibiza, by Sofia Gomez Fonzo

After months of post poning due to cloudy days, winter holidaying and the threat of rain, last Tuesday, Sofia and I finally managed to meet up for a photo shoot that we had been discussing for almost a year!

On the day, strong winds threatened to call it off completely, or just totally ruin the gorgeous hairstyle that I'd just had pinned into place.

We met at Talamanca beach and we were blessed with a picture-perfect scene.

Literally, picture perfect!